Darshan Offerzen

Darshan Ramanagoudra

Account Director, OfferZen

Darshan has built a career in startups and scaleups, having founded two startups in India and now working as Account Director at OfferZen. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. After completing his MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management, Darshan moved to Amsterdam where he has been helping tech companies scale their developer teams. As an Account Director, Darshan currently leads the European Account Management team working to establish OfferZen’s operations across Europe. He has a keen interest in startups and the role startups play in solving real-world problems. When not at work, Darshan is most likely, playing basketball, or studying Dutch or scaling a wall at a climbing gym.

Topic of his talk:

Why companies should be looking to hire more junior people
Demand for developers is at a historical height, competition is now global & developers are earning more than ever before, especially seniors. Not everyone can win at hiring senior devs, so companies that set themselves up to win at hiring & training more junior developers & fostering leadership from within are going to win.

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