Chloé Morrison

Chloé Morisson

RecOps Program Manager, Datadog

French, based in Ireland: Recruiter, Sourcer, Data Protector, garden-variety geek. After a decade spent recruiting and sourcing for a broad variety of roles, I turned to RecOps to enable other recruiters and sourcers to do their job more efficiently.

Title of her talk: RecOps- Why you should start doing RecOps today?

How much time have you spent pulling 5 reports from your ATS and combining them in order to prepare for your renewal conversation with, say, LinkedIn and Indeed? Is your recruitment data clean enough to tell a story to your senior leadership team when you’re making a case that you need more recruiters on your team to achieve their headcount goals? Are your interview processes standardised? Are your interviewers trained? With the complexity and hyper-growth experienced by many companies, there is an increased need for data-driven recruitment. For this to be successful, having a function dedicated to processes, tools, best practices and general enablement is no longer a nice to have, but a requirement. In this talk we will introduce the concept of RecOps. You will learn what it is, why you need a dedicated function, and how it can help your team recruit better and faster.

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