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Finding talent without Linkedin. By: Sven Peters from Manfred

18 May 2022

Do you find the best developers by searching through CV's on LinkedIn? Probably not. Some profiles are out of date, others paint a brighter reality, and often a lot of important details are missing. This can lead to frustrations on both sides: Developers get annoyed by receiving job offers that doesn’t fit their skills. Recruiters o...

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Jordi Arcas, CEO at Talentup: “We expect a general salary increase of 10%”

15 May 2022

Jordi Arcas is the co-founder and CEO of, a company that compiles and analyzes  the talent market data with special attention to salaries. We spoke to him about the current state of recruitment, and how companies can stay competitive during these days where it looks like all companies are exactly looking for the same kin...

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Call for speakers 2022

11 March 2022

HiredBCN is the result of many years building recruiters communities and connections in Europe. This commitment with the community made us think how can we more equal when it comes to choose our speakers. Even though we selected all HiredBCN speakers based on recommendations from other fellow recruiters, for some specific cases we h...

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