2019 Edition

Discover what happened in the second edition of HiredBCN (2019). The event demonstrated more maturity, and we were able to have top speakers such as Hung Lee, who was visiting Barcelona for the first time.

Our attendees enjoyed 2 days of talks, and great networking in a venue located close to the Mediterranian sea.

The speakers

Hands-on sessions from creative experts

Hiredbcn - Anna Sasot

Anna Sasot

HR Global Business Operations @ Sony
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Anna is a passionate of HR al with more than 10 year-experience on Multinational Environment. She is used to work with multicultural teams, matrix organizations and under pressure. Anna is also passionate on how to bring Innovation into the HR field and she is always looking for innovation and continuous improvement.Trained by Luma Institute and IDEOU.

Hiredbcn - Iker Jusue

Iker Jusue

Director @ Royan Recruitment
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He has more than 7 years of experience in recruitment, leading teams and bringing solutions to different industries in an international environment, having worked in RPOs, in-house and agency roles. Currently, he provides consultancy and training services through his own company. Iker recently won the 2019 SourceCon Grandmaster worldwide challenge. He also was awarded the first Sourcing Summit Europe Hackathon winner title (October 2017).

Hiredbcn - Matt Bradburn

Matt Bradburn

Co-founder @ People Collective
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Matt has over ten years helping companies work through challenges in Talent and People Operations. He’s gone through 11 funding rounds, personally hired over 300 people and is passionate about blending data with the needs of humans. He is fanatical runner and has a deep distrust of unnecessary processes.

Hiredbcn - Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell

CEO @ Social Talent.

Johnny is co-founder and CEO of SocialTalent, the largest provider of online recruitment training in the world. Having launched the word “Ninja” into the lexicon of recruiters around the world, Johnny admits he has zero martial arts skills but claims he can martial the arts of recruiting to help any recruiter become a ninja at their job (you see what he did there?). ;-)

Hiredbcn - Bernat Vazquez

Bernat Vazquez

Senior Recruiter @ Typeform
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Bernat Vazquez is a recruiter focused on Product, Product Design and Creative roles at Typeform, one of the fast-growing startups both in Barcelona and in Europe.

Hiredbcn - Hung Lee

Hung Lee

Founder of
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Hung Lee is the founder of – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers and Editor of leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood. He is an industry professional with over 15 years experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer and strategic advisor for rapid growth businesses in the London Tech Startup scene. Now CEO of an award-winning online recruiting platform, Hung has been at the forefront in developing and promoting new ways in which companies can connect to talent. Hung also curates ‘Recruiting Brainfood’, a weekly newsletter in recruitment.

Hiredbcn - Sofia Broberger

Sofia Broberger

Recruiter @ Bonnier Broadcasting
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“Sofia has been working as a tech recruiter since 2013, both agency and inhouse. In 2018 she took the plunge and decided to go freelance and offer training as well. She really enjoys trying to find new ways of finding candidates, perhaps a bit too much. She now divides her time between assignments as an inhouse recruiter and providing workshops.”

Hiredbcn - Marcel Van der Meer

Marcel Van der Meer

Global Sourcing Lead at Rabobank
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Marcel is an independent sourcing contractor, currently working for the Rabobank as a Global Sourcing Lead. He is responsible for the sourcing team and recruitment innovation within the bank. Besides that, he works as an independent trainer within his own company Klikwork and has trained hundreds of recruiters and sourcers to the next level in sourcing. Marcel has over ten years of sourcing under his belt, with a focus on automation and growth.

Hiredbcn - Eva Roca

Eva Roca

Talent Acquisition Manager Iberia & Italy, @ Schneider Electric
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Eva is passionate about People and High Performing Teams. With 14 years of experience in several companies, learning from each industry and market, she has worked for inhouse recruitment, as well as for a successful startup in Barcelona until today, where she is managing a regional team in a multinational company. Se has been strongly promoting the need to boost technology in order to help recruiters to add value in the beauty of our job.

Hiredbcn - Africa Muñoz

Africa Muñoz

Senior Customer Success Manager at Linkedin
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Africa Muñoz is Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn. With more than ten years of experience on Talent Acquisition and recruitment, she is currently working as a trusted advisor for LinkedIn’s strategic clients. She work with them on creating new formulas for attracting the best talent through innovative sourcing and employer branding strategies.

Hiredbcn - Eva Baluchova

Eva Baluchova

Talent Partner @ Levelup Ventures
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Eva is Talent Partner at Levelup Ventures. Every recruiter that I know has his or her own unique problems, but they all have one thing in common. Everyone uses email to reach-out to candidates! We all know email is effective, but we don’t have time to personally email each and every candidate on our lists. Each email needs to feel personal, though. If you send the wrong emails, you’ll end up losing candidates. During the presentation, we’re going to dive into the nitty-gritty details of how to actually write these emails that feel more personalised.

Hiredbcn - Denis Dinkevich

Denis Dinkevich

Talent Sourcing Lead @ iDeals Solutions Group
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He is an enthusiastic problem solver and curiosity-driven talent professional with an immersive focus on sourcing for both technical & non-technical areas of expertise. His main areas of expertise include articulation, formulation, documentation & implementation of the sourcing function within both in-house depts & RPOs (agencies) as well. He’s currently working full-time at the Ukrainian product company called iDeals as a Sourcing Lead, building the sourcing team here & training the group of 8 recruiters (bi-weekly) to make their sourcing stand out & delivering the HQ sourcing on a global scale. Other than that – he enjoys providing both online and offline international sourcing workshops, customized pieces of training & ever resourcing presentations on the topic.

Hiredbcn - Reggie Ebbe

Reggie Ebbe

Senior Tech Recruiter @ LevelUp Ventures
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Reggie is always on the lookout to for new ideas and insights to get better. Insights that can help him recruit more efficiently for a wide variety of tech roles. He’s a sucker for video games and strongly believes that nothing beats some late night fried rice with chicken.

Hiredbcn - Tom Winter

Tom Winter

Co-founder @ Devskiller
Linkedin profile

“Tom Winter is the Tech Recruitment Adviser and Co-founder at Devskiller, a developer screening and interview platform. He is also the co-author of a book IT recruitment process that works: Proven strategies, industry benchmarks, and expert intel to supercharge your tech hiring. Tom graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Technologies. Madly in love with everything tech, he specializes in data-driven recruitment and streamlining the developer hiring process. He’s also an avid conference speaker. Tom has spent years working with two very different professional groups, technical recruiters and software developers which gave him a unique perspective. His mission is to help create a world where tech recruiters and software developers can cooperate seamlessly.”

Hiredbcn - Anna Ott

Anna Ott

HR tech expert @ Frauott
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Anna Ott fell in love with HR and Startups 19 years ago and has been working in HR related functions in digital companies since. For a couple of years now, she has focussed on HR Tech as an advisor to Early Stage Startups in that field, an in-house consultant to HR practitioners interested in the digitization of their function but also as a VC investing in teams in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Hiredbcn - Enrique Conches

Enrique Conches

Human-Centered Design Expert @
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Enrique is deeply passionate about Human-Centered Design and evangelist of the power of the people to change society. Totally engaged to Design Research as a fascinating way to empathise with people. My aim is to create spaces to find the gap beyond the limits and lead teams to make emerge new opportunities for generating creative solutions that will have a real impact on humans. Founder of Punk Design and co-founder of Smoothie Innovators, Design Thinking ninja and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator, trained at IDEOU and Alumni coach for IDEOU students. Design Thinking university teacher.

Hiredbcn - Emma Northcott

Emma Northcott

Organisational Scaling Lead @ Monzo Bank
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Emma is the Organisation Scaling Lead at Monzo Bank. As the first member of the Monzo Customer Operations Team she has played a pivitol role in scaling and managing the team from 0-150+ members in less than 2 years. Emma built and designed a number of different processes and procedures that have contributed to Monzo’s reputation of high quality, swift, and friendly customer support. Her data-driven approach to project management allows her to prioritise the most impactful projects in an environment of limited resources. She strives to provide the best experience for our customers while refusing to compromise on employee experience.

Hiredbcn - Ricard Aguilar

Ricard Aguilar

Partner @ Intasges
Linkedin profile

He is a professional with more than 15 years of experience based in the legal and business fields. He first started working for a top-law firm in Spain where he learned from different sectors and afterwards joined Intasges, where currently he is a the Director of the international and start-up branches of the firm. In the last years Ricard has specialized in advising international clients and start-up’s that want to establish their business in Spain. Due to the high levels of bureaucracy and grey areas that might face once coming to Spain, Ricard tries to provide quality, trusted and close counsel to their clients putting all the focus on their business or professional goals.

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